We will be closed Christmas Eve at Noon and Closed all day Christmas. We will reopen Thrusday. The Covert family wishes you and your family a Happy Holidays
 11514 Research Blvd, Austin TX, 78759    |     Open Today! 8:00am - 8:00pm En Espanol
Service: (512) 345-6070    |    Parts: (800) 723-0644


Kenny Covert General Manager kennycovert@covertauto.com
Paul Pelletier General Sales Manager paulpelletier@covertauto.com
Chris Abbott New Car Sales Manager chrisabbott@covertauto.com
Scott Ferrell Used Car Sales Manager scottferrell@covertauto.com
Michael Bui Sales Manager michaelbui@covertauto.com
Mike McIntyre Used Car Sales Manager mikemcintyre@covertauto.com
Will Taylor Sales Manager willtaylor@covertauto.com
Travis Palu Used Car Sales Manager travispalu@covertauto.com


Duane Lebens Finance Director duanelebens@covertauto.com
Gabriel Baer Finance Manager gabrielbaer@covertauto.com
German Betancourt Finance Manager betancourtg@covertauto.com
Jesse Cervantez Special Finance jessecervantez@covertauto.com
Chris Morton Finance Manager chrismorton@covertauto.com
Steve Jackson Finance Manager stevejackson@covertauto.com
Brendan Madsen Finance Manager brendanmadsen@covertauto.com
Gabriel Frunza Finance Manager gabrielfunza@covertauto.com

New Car Sales

Anthony Avera Used Car Sales anthonyavera@covertauto.com
Randy Davis New Car Sales randydavis@covertauto.com
Aaron Morton New Car Sales aaronmorton@covertauto.com
Devan Endert New Car Sales devanendert@covertauto.com
Anthony Mendieta New Car Sales anthonymendieta@covertauto.com
Cameron Vaz New Car Sales cameronvaz@covertauto.com
Brooke Lambert New Car Sales brookelambert@covertauto.com
Patty McMullin Fleet Sales pattymcmullin@covertauto.com
Ronald Pilz New Car Sales ronaldpilz@covertauto.com
Bob Russell New Car Sales bobrussell@covertauto.com
Bert Sheppard New Car Sales bertsheppard@covertauto.com
Justin Morales New Car Sales justinmorales@covertauto.com
Bryan Tanner New Car Sales bryantanner@covertauto.com
Wendell Tanner New Car Sales wendelltanner@covertauto.com
Dillon Cole New Car Sales DillonCole@CovertAuto.com
Thomas Almaraz New Car Sales thomasalmaraz@covertauto.com
Stephen Loeb New Car Sales stephenloeb@covertauto.com
Paul Roberge New Car Sales paulroberge@covertauto.com

Used Car Sales

Tim Elliott Used Car Sales timelliott@covertauto.com
Brian Harms Used Car Sales brianharms@covertauto.com
Bob Nadeau Used Car Sales bobnadeau@covertauto.com
Ricardo Costa Used Car Sales ricardocosta@covertauto.com
Monty Saberi Used Car Sales montysaberi@covertauto.com
Brad Townsend Used Car Sales bradtownsend@covertauto.com
Manny Villegas Used Car Sales mannyvillegas@covertauto.com
Lori Silguero Leasing lorisilguero@covertauto.com
Thorne Smith Used Car Sales thornesmith@covertauto.com
Ernesto Espinosa Used Car Sales ernestoespinosa@covertauto.com
Josh Dawkins New Car Sales JoshDawkins@covertauto.com

Service & Parts Management

Gene Webb Service Manager genewebb@covertauto.com
Keith Iselt Parts Manger keithiselt@covertauto.com
Mark Peachey Service Drive Manager markpeachey@covertauto.com

Service Advisors

Jennifer Castillo Service Advisor jennifercastillo@covertauto.com
Paul Dickensheets Service Advisor pauldickensheets@covertauto.com
Chris Nunez Service Advisor chrisnunez@covertauto.com
Brad Massey Service Advisor bradmassey@covertauto.com
Jack Furrer Service Advisor JackFurrer@covertauto.com
Lori Long Head Cashier lorilong@covertauto.com
Eric Nordling Service Advisor ericnordling@covertauto.com
Michael Detjen Service Advisor michaeldetjen@covertauto.com
Austin Daniels Service Advisor austindaniels@covertauto.com
Pedro Juarez Service Advisor pedrojuarez@covertauto.com
James Alsman Service Advisor jamesalsman@covertauto.com
Michael Bowsher Service Advisor michaelbowsher@covertauto.com

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